Getting Around Paris

Travel By Metro
The most common way to get around in the Latin Quarter is by taking the metro. These trains, which run both above and below ground, stop at several different stations in the Latin Quarter. The two best lines for getting into the area are Line 7 and Line 10. Visitors trying to get to the Latin Quarter should disembark at area stations like Jussieu, Censier/Daubenton, and Maubert/Mutualité.

Travel On Foot
Since there is a concentration of attractions, restaurants and shops within the Latin Quarter in Paris, many locals and visitors find it easy to get around on foot. To simply enjoy the scenery and the environment in the area, walk along the bank of the Seine River, which forms one of the border of the Latin Quarter and the 5th arrondissement.

Travel by Regional Train
Visitors who are traveling directly from the Charles de Gaulle to the Latin Quarter in Paris might be interested in taking the regional train for a direct and affordable journey. The train, called the RER-B, stops at just a few destinations between the airport and the Latin Quarter. Passengers should disembark at either the Luxembourg or the St. Michel station.

Travel By Bus
Although the metro is generally considered to be the most affordable and efficient way to travel around the Latin Quarter, there are some instances when the bus is a better choice. At night, when the metro system closes, a bus may be the best option for travelers. In heavy traffic, buses can be faster than taxis thanks to designated bus lanes on the roads. Look for color-coded bus schedules along the road to find the right destination, and choose bus lines 87, 84, 27 and 47 that all pass through the Latin Quarter of Paris.

Travel by Taxi
While taxis are not a particularly affordable way to get around the Latin Quarter, they are available throughout the day and night. From the Charles de Gaulle International Airport, the journey will take roughly 45 minutes in a taxi, but the journey from the Orly International Airport typically takes over an hour.

Travel by Rental Car
Although it is possible to drive around the Latin Quarter, it is not recommended. There is limited parking, and most of it is reserved for local residents. It is only recommended to drive in the Latin Quarter if you have experience driving on French roads.